An Environmental Rally Cry

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Even the most passionate environmental supporters need to be inspired once in awhile.

With just a month to go before a major legislative deadline, Poodle Mafia is called in by a nationally recognized environmental nonprofit to rally the troops, create waves and drive impassioned responses.

The Challenge:

The clock is ticking. There is no time for the usual focus groups, website builds and long build communication campaign. This program needs to stand up in less than 48 hours and the budget is focused.

Our Solution:

Poodle Mafia quickly tested and activated powerful messaging driving action to sign an online petition. With little time for custom content creation, PoodleMafia rose to the challenge by incorporating relevant crowd sourced content, saving the nonprofit tens of thousands of dollars.  We were laser-focused on the objective of driving signatures using social media, building communities both on and offline.  Instead of focusing on vanity metrics such as “likes” for the page, we valued our effectiveness in trackable, actionable outcomes.

How Were We Elegantly Aggressive?

 Our spot-on messaging and nimble targeting produces jaw-dropping success in a short time with a focused budget.

Organic and viral reach 3X that of the number of Facebook fans.

Over 4,200 signatures in less than 30 days.

72% Conversion rate of petition signers

A Facebook advertising campaign with an 8.5% conversion rate

A Quick and Nimble Environmental Movement That Matters

  • January 6, 2015
  • Tara Coomans
  • Marketing