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How to Inspire Advocates and Influencers in Your Marketing

Marketing to influencers and advocates is all the rage, fueled in large part by social media. But if you've ever developed a campaign with influencers and/or advocates, you know it can be filled with land mines. Part of that is what inspires…
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The Secret To Captivating Content

Captivation Motivations can significantly change your marketing strategy. This is the second installment of a series on the seven Captivation Motivations. We are hardwired biologically for these motivations. More information about them, including…
Poodle Mafia Marketing Branding PR for Startups Movements and Personalities

WHY Your Storytelling Isn’t Working

Do you know why people respond (or don't respond) to you brand storytelling? The answer doesn't lie in your typeface, your graphic design or even your social networks. The answers lies in your strategy and customer clarity. Let me put it…
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6 Times When Your Company Is Ready For a PR Agency or Marketing Firm

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Should your Start-up Hire a PR Agency or a Marketing Firm? We speak to businesses all the time asking us if they're ready for us and often times, the answer is "no, not yet." So, how do you know if you're ready for an agency? We specialize…
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Overcoming Fear In Your Startup

A little departure today from the usual marketing and branding discussion. Because of our focus on startups, personalities and movements, I find that my role with my client is part strategy and part cheerleader. So today, I want to share some…

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