NYC-Metro based PR Freelancer.

Must be prepared to work independently, show excellent judgment and writing abilities. You have the ability to see an opportunity in every challenge. There may be times when attendance at local events will be part of your role as a freelancer. Local knowledge and media contacts a plus. You will be part of a growing team who moves fast and thinks faster.

You will be part of a growing team who moves fast and thinks faster. We’re fun, but we’re working hard. Your ideas will be welcomed but you will be excepted to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Freelance Digital Copywriter

We are looking for a copywriter who moves easily from social posts to blog posts. Ability to write marketing emails and advertorials a plus. Your copy is researched, grammatically correct and spell-checked. You know how to link to 3rd parties in blogs and social posts, you wouldn’t think of creating a social post without looking for a relevant hashtag or two. You can write in a variety of voices and you are able to stick to deadlines. This freelancer will have regular consistent work (4-6 blog posts/month minimum) and we expect it will grow over the next 12 mos.

You are familiar with popular blog types and email campaign programs and can not only write the content but format it appropriately within the platform.

We are a distributed team, so your location is not an important consideration, however, most of the team is based in Pacific or Mountain time zones.

You’ll be part of a fast moving, dynamic team working with a fantastic client who is growing. Your ideas and work will be appreciated, but you will be expected to deliver your very best work, sometimes quickly.