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Own You. Only Better.

Digital branding for personalities is more important than ever before.
Your voice has to be reflected in today’s Google searches.
And while media is important to personal brands, it’s your own content that can say the most.
We’re here to help you be you, only better in the digital world.
Whether you’re a politician, an author, an artist or a budding YouTube personality, your digital presence is critical.
We’re here to make sure your digital presence is you, only better.

We don’t tell you to change, we tell you to be you.

Personal brands often run into agencies that want to change them, mold them into something they aren’t.
We know that isn’t going to work for you.
We’re here to help you be you, only better.
We’re part strategist, part coach and 100% partner in your online branding evolution.

We help you say it.

We’re elegantly aggressive.
We’ll help you add strategy and quick tips to enhance your personal brand.
Our approach quickly assesses where you are now and where you want to be.
Poodle Mafia specializes in scaling up as persona grows.
We’re lean and nimble. We run lean and mean so that you get what you need when you need it.


    Your Personality
We know you want to be you. We want you to be you too. We’ll help you become laser focused on your unique brand signature that is uniquely yours.


  Your Audience
Attract the audience you want to attract. We can help you identify how you can hone your online persona to attract the audience you want to attract. No matter what your objectives, we help you map out your strategy for standing out online.


   Your Content
You have something to say and you know where you want to say it. We’ll help you clarify and identify content opportunities that are uniquely suited to your voice and your audience.


The Poodle Mafia Digital Marketing and Branding team includes strategists and implementers with  inbound marketing, public relations and content development expertise who have worked with startups in all phases.
Let’s build something, together.