Just like you, we’re not afraid to take risks and work hard.

We’re a different kind of startup marketing agency.
We’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit and we’re willing to take on unknown brands.
We’re hard working and risk-taking.
We’re not afraid to find a better idea.

We’re elegantly aggressive.
Our approach quickly assesses where you are and where you want to be.
Poodle Mafia specializes in scaling up with your startup as you need.
We’re lean and nimble. We run lean and mean so that you get what you need when you need it.
Our solutions are elegant and aggressive.

From pitch to development to go-to-market, Tara Coomans advises startups in all stages of development.


    Your Development
During the development stage, Tara Coomans can advise on ways to ensure your startup attracts and keeps users.


     Your Pitch
Right from the start, understanding your unique positioning can help your startup secure more funding faster. From messaging to pitch delivery, Tara Coomans understands how to make your pitch stand out.


   From MVP and Beyond
Once your product is ready for launch, she and her team will develop and implement a plan designed to attract early adopters as users and then expand it to the larger segment. We then turn our attentions to turning users into advocates.


The Poodle Mafia Digital Marketing and Branding team includes strategists and implementers with  inbound marketing, public relations and content development expertise who have worked with startups in all phases.
Let’s build something, together.