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Moms might be the decision makers, but first you have to get their attention.

A new startup launches into the Mommy world with the help of Poodle Mafia’s Tara Coomans.

The Challenge:

Other marketing efforts are planned such as radio and traditional PR, but this digitally-based consumer product hasn’t done any digital marketing or social media. The goal was to quickly create community around the product, develop relationships online with Moms and Dads. Budgets and timing prevented the recommended custom video and graphics for the blog. The clock was ticking: only 4 weeks to go before the traditional media component launched. Awareness and visibility are the goals.



The Solution:

We started the program with a listening campaign online (social media, forums, Facebook groups) to inform messaging for the traditional media as well as product development modifications. During this time we also tested voices and content types to see what resonated with the community. We actively targeted influencers for target markets. We also trained the marketing staff in corporate storytelling, social media engagement and blogging.



How Were We Elegantly Aggressive?

In the first 30 days we…

2.8 Million digital organic brand impressions

252,000 average monthly unique people reached

2400% increase in Twitter brand mentions, from zero to over 25/day

300% increase in organic Facebook impressions, from 4,000/month to 16,000/month

5% increase in Facebook comments

23% in website traffic from Facebook

20% increase in blog traffic from Facebook

Project Details

  • January 8, 2011
  • Tara Coomans
  • Marketing