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5 Branding Tips in 15 Minutes

I’m super amp’d in this Podcast, it’s obvious I had my coffee this morning. These are 5 quick branding tips for anyone with a project, whether you’re a startup, movement or personality. I had the pleasure of joining Debra Eckerling on her Guided Goals podcast. It’s quick, it’s high-energy and…

Overcoming Fear In Your Startup

September 24, 2015No Comments

A little departure today from the usual marketing and branding discussion. Because of our focus on startups, personalities and movements, I find that my role with my client is part strategy and part cheerleader. So today, I want to share some strategies for overcoming fear. Actually, overcoming is the wrong…

The Notable Chef – How to Stand Out Using Digital Media

August 23, 2015No Comments

I’ll be at the Western Food Show in Los AngelesĀ  on Monday of this week, in honor of that amazing industry, I’m doing a series this week on food-related movements, personalities and startups. Tweet me if you’re there Like every other career choice, choosing to be a Chef doesn’t guarantee…