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I’m Just Not That Into You – Choosing Social Platforms in 2017

What social media platforms are right for your business?   Choosing social media platforms. I get asked which social platform is right every single day. The answer is: “it depends.” It’s common today to launch on a platform because it’s “hot” or to question your presence on a platform because…

How to Inspire Advocates and Influencers in Your Marketing

September 22, 20152 Comments

Marketing to influencers and advocates is all the rage, fueled in large part by social media. But if you’ve ever developed a campaign with influencers and/or advocates, you know it can be filled with land mines. Part of that is what inspires advocates and influencers is different. In the my…

The Secret To Captivating Content

September 17, 2015No Comments

Captivation Motivations can significantly change your marketing strategy. This is the second installment of a series on the seven Captivation Motivations. We are hardwired biologically for these motivations. More information about them, including links that include more information is at the bottom of this page. Did you know that we’re…