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I’m Just Not That Into You – Choosing Social Platforms in 2017

What social media platforms are right for your business?   Choosing social media platforms. I get asked which social platform is right every single day. The answer is: “it depends.” It’s common today to launch on a platform because it’s “hot” or to question your presence on a platform because someone says the platform its […]

5 Branding Tips in 15 Minutes

I’m super amp’d in this Podcast, it’s obvious I had my coffee this morning. These are 5 quick branding tips for anyone with a project, whether you’re a startup, movement or personality. I had the pleasure of joining Debra Eckerling on her Guided Goals podcast. It’s quick, it’s high-energy and everyone’s hair looks elegantly aggressive. […]


Overcoming Fear In Your Startup

A little departure today from the usual marketing and branding discussion. Because of our focus on startups, personalities and movements, I find that my role with my client is part strategy and part cheerleader. So today, I want to share some strategies for overcoming fear. Actually, overcoming is the wrong word, but I’ll get to […]